Sample Cash Flow Template Page

There are a lot of ways to approach creating a cash flow statement, and some are better than others. Should you use a free cash flow template?

If you're not sure how to get started, a cash flow template is a good place to start. Download our free cash flow template. It's a simplified version of the cash flow statement from Business Plan Pro, the best-selling business plan software in the world.

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When you start your cash flow statement, don't be intimidated. Just start with the Cash Received section and input the amount you expect to come into your business each month. Notice that there are columns for upcoming years in this table - you can use your current year totals to create projections for future years.

Next, move on to Expenditures. You'll fill in an amount for each month, detailing the cash you've spent on bills and additional non-operating expenses (like sales tax or repayment of loans). Then just total up your columns, subtract cash spent from cash received, and you've got your cash balance. If you've got negative numbers, it's time to take a close look at your figures and make sure you don't end up bouncing checks!

Software like Business Plan Pro makes this process easier. Plus, it provides tons of guidance and help to not only create a cash flow table, but a complete business plan that will help you keep your business on track, cash positive, and growing.